Top MUST WATCH Summer 2018

Top MUST WATCH Summer 2018

The Summer 2018 anime are finally airing so here’s the MUST WATCH* Summer anime. *just watch the Grand Blue anime I totally didn’t finish this right before …




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36 thoughts on “Top MUST WATCH Summer 2018

Travis letchford says:

No overlord ?!!?

Kit Yu says:


Rohan Powell says:

Where's Happy sugar life

curious cat says:

Why use the bible bro, it's disrespectful

Cocain Child says:

what the anime name in 14.25

Zachary Fitzpatrick says:

the way he reviews these shows are god tier

Elliot Anderson says:

15:10 Why the undertale music….

My names Blake. says:

Your commentary is like your spamming but in rl

Masquerades says:

can someone tell me what anime is thhat at 14:15

Eshton Brogan says:

Dude, wtf are you talking about?

wallysama says:

checkout my “must watch anime” vid?! please ♥️

xiooom says:

bruv other people might not appreciate it but thank you for the explanations of the anime's i actually find it helpful

Peach Dolce says:

what is the name of the anime that is used for the thumbnail>> ??

Gaming and sport's 5544 says:

Tbh I like this guy and the whole reason I’m subbing is because of the Bible writing but he’s going to hell 😂😂

DragO says:

I watched every anime their is into this vidoe .-.

Edit: I'm gonna watch the anime TIDDY From the bible one :p

Jayy says:

you know that anime thats so good that you go through a really bad depression once it ends ?? ya comment that anime for me so i can watch

Dubzzy XD says:

How to not summon the demon lord, is really boring.

hi im presli says:

bro who the fuck is going to watch 18 minutes video :///// just dont do it that long ffs

SgtGo says:

Took a break of watching anime for 2 years. After seeing this list, I guess I can add another year to it. The medium is stuck in immaturity.

jon thomas says:

I truly hope he makes more videos like this!

ChaosExplorer says:

Satsuriku no tenshi is now my favorite anime it is so good

Joshua Baetiong says:

bro wye do the bible like that

Kevin Lam says:

me < keeps spamming the arrow key to skip 15 sec and repeat then the end of the video,i feel clickbaited.

Abby Lama says:

That description though!

lil eddie says:

He going to hell

John von Shepard says:

Need timestamp.

Weeb Aboo says:

Great video as always

James Prendol says:

Yo im a fan of anime and all just don't dis the bible bro

The Maverick Historian says:

Meh. Where's the best The Devil is a Part Timer? I want comedy with a hero that's not a beta loser.

leon fierce says:

if that bible existed, i think religion would be a better chance then i thought

Casselizabethxx says:

“A break that definitely doesn’t involve me drowning in my own self loathing” okay MOOD

Jambat Coolkat says:

fucking banana fish im done

Marco Fourie says:

Yeah this guy is definitely going to hell…blasphemy on "what the bible says" and topping that he wrote in it as a joke…this poor guy's stupidy…aiiiiii hahahah

iii iii says:

what anime is that at 15:00

Slazenger Beats says:

your the boring gigguk!


so many people are going to get triggered

they always do

Ben Makho says:

What was the tumpnail

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