Unboxing the 500 Million LE

Unboxing the 500 Million LE

Join us as we unbox the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro, celebrating over 500000000 PlayStations sold and countless more adventures conquered.




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38 thoughts on “Unboxing the 500 Million LE

wilder9777 says:


gargara77 says:

Note "Massive 2 TB Harddrive" line this capacity will be funny after 10 years later

Ibrahim Saleh says:

$1k for a $500 console +1extra tb + cam + controller. Headset sold separately.
What a rip off

10,000 subscribers with no videos? says:

I left Pornhub for this.


Ну нихуя себе

David Phaneuf Jr. says:

That blue bag is so premium I can’t handle it

spicymeatball07 says:

Is that really num 1 out of 50k

NF Zephyr says:

Add crossplay

UH_60_GTAHAWK says:

So it took them 500 million units to finally ship a PS4 with a 2TB HDD ?.


I got my ps4 in 2014 or 2015

Jan Play says:

It’s not 4K it’s a 2K

mamali mobini says:

Now im buying

reiki11111 says:

I'm buying just for that premium
Blue bag. Lol

This is exciting though!

Zero Player says:

My wallets telling me no, but my body, my bodys telling me YESSSSS

Official CoZy says:

2tb ssd and a scuf vantage upgraded

Fox игра 2018 says:

PS5 2019

ImmaGhost says:

Wait, so if this guy has the No 1 edition. Does that mean it’s not possible for anyone to get No 1? ???

ImmaGhost says:

Mines is on my way!

*ĶĪŅĞ_ĐØĽĻĂŘ*** Marte says:

They just want your money ??

FunsterProductions says:

Sold out everywhere unable to buy so disappointed in this sale

wildwarren says:

Here buy this 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro and also… we're selling matching headset separately lol. GTFOH!

Francisco Resendez says:

Rip he has the number #1 wonder what number I’ll get

10,000 subscribers no video challenge says:

I just got one off Best buy!!

1,000 Subscribers For no Reason says:

I've seen better

Freddie Peckham says:

Wait how much is it???


Rip I can’t get it

Chef Pee Pee says:

Please crossplay

idan mizrahi says:

What’s behind the controller and ps camera?

Viertes Reich says:

So can this PS4 pro play previous PlayStation games from ps1, ps2, ps3? If not, then it's just a waste of money and not very special…

CallMeKirai says:

Low-key fire

Raza Let's play says:

I’m so exited this got me remembering back to when I used to play on my ps2 every morning with my cousin? haaa nostalgia

sakis. k. says:

come on guys lets be honest is a cool edition hands down

Shiroyasha says:

thank u for buying 500 million playstations now buy one more.

Uri Jght says:

Come come with a new New dashboard!!!!!!!!!!!!

NPS goals says:


David Torres says:

Will it still do 9 damage?

Wyatt Lee says:

500 million pieces of absolute garbage

Chail Koraki says:

Its limited edition because no one wants to buy it .

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