Until Dawn: Rush of Blood –

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood –



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38 thoughts on “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood –

Hansa says:

Хорошее и интересное видео

John Quackenbush says:

Shoot the man in front of you

Awien Algoo says:

the last part made me laugh so hard

William Knight says:

I can’t stop laughing

Tamara Mathews says:


Kawaii squishy creator 13 says:

I was lmao so hard omg the last scream hahahahahahaa

IceCream 101 says:

a stupid ad popped up at the scariest part I'm annoyed now

Sky Rinquest says:

Please do more video's like these make them extra scary

jrsir1 says:

Wow man and you wanted your girlfriend to play this ?? lol she would've died at the end when you jump with fear lmao I don't know how anybody ( who haven't play this game) wouldn't… awesome did you play more of this game ?? I'd love to see it

Sky Rinquest says:

Love it

Maine under review says:

This video makes me want to buy one

matt beezy says:

Been wondering if the Vr is worth buying

Jaslene Perez says:

I got so far in this game the first and second one aren’t that scary

Castiel Novak says:

Whach the videos in br please

tintin snowy says:

its really clever they put u on a roller coaster so u slowly move forward and not have to deal with walking(motion sickness)…love the screams 🙂

Unicorn Nnnn says:

I hate clowns

MadMagKing says:

I would have choose Psychotic

Robyn Wall says:

Awwwwww, coopie go scared at 7:57, so Chelsea started petting him😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Aelisha Campos says:

8:00 cooper at the back is like bro wat are you doing

Melody Panic! says:

You never played until dawn….. did you…..

cito rivera says:

I'm curious what motion sickness feels like..I've never even been sea sick

cito rivera says:

"your arms get tired doing this" dont join the military then lol

Lisa Redford says:

I would have a heart attack playing this game but it’s funny listening to him scream xx

Chao Yang says:

OMG just scared the hell outta me, gotta love it! LOl

Ryan's Vlogs says:

7:44 I thought u never swear

Katie Gregory says:

I have Russ of blood on my PlayStation my dad plays all the time

Guste Gusre says:

Love Call of Duty 😘

Jennifer Romero says:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

jamie armstrong says:

She do more VR videos and you should try to put the VR on Cooper or Kota and see how they react

Freddy Man2010 says:

Talking about language

mateusz kwiatkowski says:

Omg that scared the freak out of me

Lanie Bouska says:

13:31 best way to handle being scared

Amador Paclibon says:

luv your scream

Amador Paclibon says:

13:30 im actually laughing so loud

ErikaTheEpicCookie says:

Soon as the uy at the begin of the ride came up to him i jumped XD

Angels for life says:

Not bad

bevon bart says:


Gary Brown says:

Dam your going to have nightmares tonight Trevor

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