Vader finally reveals the hidden secrets of Mustafar which makes him want to establish his fortress there. Mustafar is the birth place of Darth Vader, the end of …



Star Wars Theory



Star Wars Theory says:

Lord Moooooooommmmmmmmiiinnnnn in da house

Douglas Bull says:

God Vader comics are truly special.disney may have destroyed the movies but we still have this

Christopher Charles F. says:

Colonel ALVA, I see what they did there. Cause Alva is an anagram of LAVA since she's going to help Vader build his castle on Mustafar the planet covered in Alva…I mean lava.

Jabobo Fweebs says:

The palpatine voice cringe

Ambitionary says:

ok ok ok hold on, that was a flawless sidious impression no joke lol

Javi B says:

Man, let's hope Vader didn't build his castle on bad ground.

Leviathis Krade says:

man your sidious is spot on

Selfox Rebel says:

I want a castle on Mustafar Dew It Dew it NOW!

C Williams says:

I love this guy voices of the characters make me feel like I'm watching a show

lrodriguez56021 says:

I love vader and palpatine voice

RWBY VA Adventures says:

I don't know if you ever played Star Wars the Old Republic the MMO but that Mast looks very familiar to me from the Sith Inquisitor storyline just saying

Branton McMahan says:

I really hope we get to learn more about lord momine! It seems that he and i have much in common in terms f creativity, but not in terms of being an evil sith lord.

Dark Thandar says:

Momin's mask is like Dr.Fate's mask it calls to thoughs who are weak enough to be possessed by its power.

André Nascimente says:

Why Luke's training in Dagobah was mostly phisycal? That's not the correct topic to mention, but WTF!!!!

paul martin says:

Not too sure how to read or understand the end. Cliffhangers

Dawn United says:

As a student of the dark side I must correct you on one thing Sith Lords never give it is taken furthermore whatever given is usually taken for personal gain of true power I know I am Apprentice but I seek knowledge you are very wise

Branton McMahan says:

It seems Lord momine and I have a lot in common, although I would not allow and architect to build my castle for me. I would've dawned the mask myself and designed my castle alone.

Michael McGrath says:

The prequels aren not canon!

Michael McGrath says:

I wish Disney Star Wars would stop referencing the prequels

AJ Klassen says:

I thought Momin lived on IN the mask – dont all sith look to extend their own lives or live forever without become one with the force?

FireGod PlaysROBLOX says:

The reason Vader chooses mustafar because he loves sand!

Rene Vinet says:

I noticed one day that I am in favor of watching videos of the Sith. I wondered why that was? Then it hit me. " From my point of view the Jedi are evil!"

kratios3 3 says:

Do you notice that the crack in Momin's mask is almost reminiscent of the scar Kylo ends up with later? And Snoke is very interested in Kylo's scar in TLJ…

Mario Meraz says:

"the masked man"

Dru Pimlott says:

I feel sorry for Brenne, that building was pretty good, he could've had Momins palace for his personal use and hers for when Palpatine came along. Shame.
Also, why would he kill Momin?

The Baba Yaga says:

So how do you know if something is canon or not?

Nathan Bitter says:

This video is OUTRAGEOUS IT'D UNFAIR I want a big castle on mustafar

Chris Kennedy says:


David says:

I'm confused… What killed her?

madbear3512 says:

Ever hear the tready of that piece of shit flim episode 8. It a story star wars thoey will tell you

madscience234 says:

Maybe lord momin was a sith architect

Dan The Man says:


darth revan says:

Dude I love it!!!!!

Egg Head says:

Perhaps it stimulates the mind to extreme creative levels.

D says:

Momin is based probably on Murr and/or Darth Andeduu

Jogi says:

Moomin XD

Jace McDonough says:

I saw something like that in the clone war with the mandalryins

ptdongiovanni says:

Can't Vader build a castle for Bronn?

Jean Lois says:

3:32 african Vader

Varthal Gamekiin says:

"Perhaps it will show you the way?"


Wrythil Valice says:

Amazing art style

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