Vader’s Chamber by Lucas King

Vader’s Chamber by Lucas King

Relax and enjoy this beautiful medley made by Lucas King Music (link below) for my Darth Vader fan-film where we’ll see Vader’s story picking up from Revenge …


Star Wars Theory


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45 thoughts on “Vader’s Chamber by Lucas King

Star Wars Theory says:

Another great track and audition by Lucas King

Chad Malcuit says:

Again face like Anakin thought as Vader in the beginning so far so I enjoy the channel keep up the good work

A Lazo says:

This is seriously good, well done

Jim Halpert 4.0 says:

This guy, this guy could be doing kotor 3 and I wouldnt blink a eye, go for it

The Grand Director says:

I like it. I really like it.

VirtualTrainstuff says:

sounds likes he's mixed Vader's imperial march with Padme's Love theme.

Legend Ary says:

Could you release all the best auditions as like an album of mp3s

Miguel Gonzalez says:

Have you ever heard the tragedy of star wars theory the wise, its not a tale YouTube would tell you

Frank Gialanella says:

Great 👍 video theory and may the force be with u always my fellow jedi and sith friend and ur so lucky that u got to meet Sam just got done ✅ watching all of his interviews for the force unleashed 1 and 2 unfortunately we were suppose to get a force unleashed3 but never did rip anyways illl catch u later take it easy my man

Jurassic Wars says:

Watch Unicorn studios satha video called star wars force theme epic

Sneaky Taze says:

Two of my favourite channels working together, most impressive.

World of F1 says:

When are you planning on it coming out?

Tom Schewe says:

These last few piano notes.. holy shit they gave me goosebumps for days! I love it!!!

Ziffelzoovop says:

I want this song

TheAxe94 says:

I'm really looking forward to this fan made movie! Where can I watch it when it launces??

Nicolas Charron says:

I know no one will see my comment, but that's ok.

I have too many things to say.

Jack says:

I get a Kotor 2 vibe from this

Ccaleb 64 says:

I like the imperial march bits

JG‘s Production says:

Well, there are those soundtracks, which are so great that you want to hear them again and again. Always looking them up on YouTube. Just like the Throne Room (or arrival to earth from Transformers e.g.). And this soundtrack totally belongs to them. Great work man.

Durandt Storm says:

This score is absolutely outstanding! I can't wait for this epic story to release! It sounds like a perfect original track incorporating some of the music from Vader's iconic song

Goldfish God says:

Take notes disney. This is how you make a star wars movie

DitchCricket11 says:

I love that song. Great composure and gives a nod to the original scores. LOVE IT!!!!!

ONI Section-0 says:

Idk if my suggestion had anything to do with this but I'm very excited to see Lucas' audition

Ava’s World says:

This needs to be used in your fan film.

Wertzuio says:

We would be HONORED, if he would JOIN us…

Dorián Kónya says:

Truly a masterpiece!

Isak W.E says:


S.J. Rogers says:

Nice! I love how you meshed the Imperial/Vader theme with the Ep. 2 Love theme. It heavily suggests that Anakin is still more of a influence than he was in Ep. 4-6. Still in such a raw and miserable time, with rife memories of what had transpired mere weeks/months earlier. Keep up the stellar work!

Jeffrey van der Post says:

Best one yet

Ethan Wilson says:

That was bloody good.

Colby Maulden says:

ngl I jumped a little when I got to 1:39 , shit spooked tf out of me

L3GEND says:

Notice how memorable this music is, now tell me one song that played in TLJ that you can remember

Jason McMahan says:

Wow! Just wow! Great music!

Sam Atkinson says:

Sounds like something from eso

Timm Blue says:

yeah this was amazing

Chawo says:

Wow this gave me the chills!!!

Thean Kotze says:

I think its very good, not great but i think i compare it to much to john williams' work wich isnt fair but a bit more trumpet and a bit less opera whould do alot of good

Samuel Robinson says:

Wow I have an image of what that song can go to: when Darth Vader is in his chamber then thinks of Padmey (which is the beginning of the song) then the song gets darker and he thinks of Obi Wan that duel they had then he starts smashing stuff with the light saber and the force then when the song calms down he walks through a hall and speaks to Darth Sidius and then a different song plays. I don't know sounds really good, and may the force be with you always 😉

Maric Network pic feds says:

Male a video, where you descripe, what Would happen if yoda Went to face anakin, and kenobi to face sidius.

Jesse David says:

Holy shit this is soo amazing :0

Starwars fan random person says:

This is a Masterpiece it could be in the official StarWars movies!

Vader’s Gauntlet says:


Al says:

Hey guys! I just finished a piece for submission! Here's the link. Please share! 🙂

Stryfe Studios says:

Is the imperial march going to be used?

Classy Cthulhu says:


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