What Characters Could Return

What Characters Could Return

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22 thoughts on “What Characters Could Return

Green Man says:

I an almost guarantee Jason Sindula will be the flashy pilot who wears the helmet in all the promos for The Resistance.

Pkmn Djk says:

It would be cool to see older versions of Rex and Wolfe.

godzillavkk says:

I want flashback episodes of Ben Solo. First one is him as a child. Han and Leia are often too busy to spend time with him, and he's looked after by droids. As a result, he starts off a kind, but shy and lonely boy. But he keeps sensing something dark in his mind. At school, he's hard working and gets good grades, but he has few friends and more bullies who tease him because his father is a smuggler. One day, he finally is pushed too far and accidentally force chokes one of his bullies. He releases the bully before he can actually kill him, but he puts the bully in the hospital, and gets suspended. When Leia asks him what happened, Ben says he had no idea what happened, the bully just started choking even though Ben was not touching him. Leia now realizes her son has inherited her father's power, she also fears he has inherited his grandfathers personality. While grounded, he hears Snoke in his mind and he reveals he's the dark presence in Ben's mind.

The second flashback is Ben in High School. Like with Elementary School, he's hardworking and gets good grades, but he hears Snoke in his mind at most unneeded times. In addition, Han and Leia have been giving him the same well intentioned, but unhelpful advice Elsa from Frozen got in terms of controlling his power.It's also at this time we learn that he thinks that the New Republic is not doing enough for the Galaxy as some problems that lead to the Clone Wars have resurfaced. In history class, he learns about the Galactic Empire and while he does not agree with everything it stood for, he believed that it was better in maintaining stability and solving problems. When he's told to write a report on the Galactic Civil War, Leia is asked to attend a meeting with his history teacher who tells Leia that Ben wrote that he thought the Empire should have won the war and that the Galaxy was better under the Empire. At the same time, Ben starts dating one of the girls in his classes. But while on a date, he's scammed out of his money by the resteraunt's sleezy owner. When Ben complains to the owner, the owner says that New Republic's laws allow buisness owners to run their companies as they see fit. Enraged, and urged by Snoke, Ben mentally tortures the jerk into giving him his money back. Horrified by what Ben did, his girlfriend dumps him.

The third and final flashback is Ben as a young adult at Luke;s academy. Like his grandfather, he's an ambitious student, but feels abadnoned by his family. Leia insisted that this was for Ben's good and that this would help him control his emotions and power. But Snoke's voice continues to whisper in his head, causing him to lose control during training. Ben however, is not the only one with problems at the Academy. He and seven other students have formed a close bond with each other and dislike how Luke prattles on and on about restraint, and how the Dark Side is unnatural. Ben introduces them to Snoke, and Snoke soon becomes a second teacher to the students. At the same time, Ben learns from holonews, that Leia has reluctatly told the galaxy that Darth Vader was her father as it happens in the books. Ben then becomes fascinated with his Grandfather as he was awed by Vader's history in school. As Ben and his friends are drawn closer and closer to the Dark Side, Luke goes to confront Ben about this, and the flashback in TLJ ensues. The ensuing noise alerts the other students including Ben's friends. Ben tells his friends that Luke tried to kill him, and that he would have killed them. With this, Ben and his friends have fully turned to the Dark Side. They then kill all of Luke's other students, then escape. Ben insists they seek out Snoke and the First Order, but one of his friends say that they should seek their own path. Ben then kills this "friend", and says his name is not "Ben Solo" anymore. He tells his shocked friends that from now on, they will call him "Kylo Ren".

Pono Kaleikini says:

The kids just got kidier

Sunil Mawji says:

These are some good answers.

Core Chara says:

…. ….Disney?…. ….why are you doing this to Star Wars?

Best Ever Resistance Pilot says:

I hope to see Tallie Lintra in there somewhere (even if it is just a cameo).

Darth Bane says:

I remember when I first laid eyes on Jacen Syndulla. The first thing I said when I saw him was “Oh dear God, what is that thing!?” Good times.

Melissa Hoyal says:

can I have one?!? look at 0:10 XD

Tigger The Incineroar says:

Do you think the fall of the empire (canon stories of it) will ever change. For example for Aftermath to be changed/pulled out of canon?

Jachariah says:

I could see Kix showing up, depends on when Sidon is supposed to have found him though

Ignatius says:

It’s gonna be rubbish

madalorian slayer says:

What if Luke killed Vader on the second death star and join Darth sidious

Adam Rosalky says:

How do the solar array wings affect visibility when piloting a TIE fighter?

Rog F says:

could the device used in the last shot have had some effect on the droids from phasmas home planet?

Admiral Sandwich says:

If anyone knew where Hu Yang was i think Ahsoka would

Christian Bourbon says:

Kiadi-Mundi would be more interested in…

The droid attack on the Wookiees😂
Why would you trust him

phil fry says:

i am currently rewatching star wars rebels and when i choked up at the end of season two (when ezra and kanan return to chopper base without ahsoka) i had to wonder wether or not rex learned that ahsoka survived malachor. please tell me they met again…

John Marston says:

Star Wars rebels to Star Wars resistance wow funny there Disney

CHomab Cjabeb says:

Paus the video at 1:27 for amazing picture

Jonas Jensen says:

With all the Ewok stuff coming back into canon as of late, do you think we might see Ewoks in the resistance series? Or maybe in movie again? And a bit out there: do you think we'll ever see an Ewok jedi/force user in canon?

BearableGlint13 says:

What happened to Scarif after the events of Rogue One?

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