What the Inquisitors did in

What the Inquisitors did in

What Imperial Inquisitors did in their free time when not hunting down Jedi. Support the channel: Twitter: …


The Lore Master


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34 thoughts on “What the Inquisitors did in

The Lore Master says:

I know many of you want longer videos. I have a couple long, much more in-depth topic videos nearly finished, I just have a few more edits to make and to get the final permissions of a few artists to use some of their fan artwork. They should start coming out hopefully by the end of this week or early next week.

Max Kogan says:

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the new canon, but something that still leaves me perplexed is the fact that Empire sent just one inquisitor to hunt Maul, and not even the Grand Inquisitor. Maul tossed around 3 Inquisitors with what seemed to be noticeably less than full effort. Did they just severely underestimate him or was it just something that the writers overlooked? Palpatine knows just how skilled and powerful Maul is, so why would he simply waste a servant when there's nothing to gain? If he would've sent about 4 or more Inquisitors, or at the absolute least 3 Inquisitors with the Grand Inquisitor leading the hunt, that would've made more sense even if they wouldn't win. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Chicago Critic Gerald says:

Wonder what happened to Barris offee

GhostLink92 says:

"One less Jedi"


Door 8switch says:

We still dont know what species the fifth brother was, why a mirilian had black eyes and why a jango jumper had 4 fingers and like three toes. But hey, we do know how wedge got the checkerboard painted on his stupid helmet! It was Sabine

Edward Baeg says:

Sat around and watched Holotube

Darth Vader says:

you can read these comic free on http://readcomiconline.to/

Grand Inquisitor Sug The Dark Clone of Gus says:

I still hear that the inquisitors are weak and non threatening. But put them off screen and they are, as mentioned in uprising, where one inquisitor alone killed 4 jedi.

Andre 2.0 says:

1:14 this is what happens when you try to remind Vader about love …

Hans Kryze of Clan Kryze says:

Lore Master please make a theory video about what if obi wan kenobi left the jedi order to be with Duchess Satine after his padawan mission to protect her.

Katie Delaney says:

You also forgot that the Inquisitors also flew around Coruscant with helisabers.

Pickle in a cup says:

I’m supposed to believe these bumbling idiots were Jedi killers? Umm…no

Jax Hughes says:

when is your next hero history video.

Detective Yapper24 says:

I love your videos. Keep it up man

Nathan Shkopiak says:


dickrobot says:

People don't have sex in Star Wars! Come on, man! Lol

Diego LM says:

I really hoped there were more inquisitors remaining, I especially would’ve liked they didn’t kill of the 4th brother so quickly, he looked like a really cool character

Captain rex CT- 7567 says:

Very intresting

Chance Olsingch says:

I had a hard time accepting spinning blades, but after the helicopter incident I about lost it.

Steven Vu says:

Damn my dude was getting the S U C C and got executed for it

David Ugly says:

I wish the inquisitor couple survived 🙁

Brian the Trainer says:

Helicopter lightsabers 😑🤨😠

Samuel Callejo says:

They played fortnite

Game _ Bugz says:

Short but sweet

Christian Larkpor says:

I think its stupid to make an inquisitors love another inquisitors wtf. 😤

Peppa Pig says:

What the Lore Master did in their free time

Samuel Cayford says:

There should be a video about all the Inquisitors.

Caleb Kite says:

The best YouTube channel

CommanderCodyHD says:

It's sad that they didn't get to kill the annoying Ghost Team. Get the plot armor they had was better than the inquisitors training.

E M says:

Great video like always!

Saeid Radder says:

My rofl saber goes soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi

ZEADPOOL1991 says:

i like this. i like when evil characters have more to their character than just killing babies, knowing they had something of a life outside of their evil acts is very interesting

Nicholas Compton says:

666 likes! Great job guys

Muhammad Daniel says:

They fell to their deaths with their spinning laser umbrellas after trying to Mary Popin away from plot armour

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