Which view do you like better? [f]

Which view do you like better? [f]

Which view do you like better? [f]

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38 thoughts on “Which view do you like better? [f]

farmerz3 says:

Tough choice… Have to say the right

papabear_1776 says:

Ummm, yes

berries_and_cream4u says:

Right side ❤️🍑

Palmenman says:

Have to say the left, love your hairstyle btw

simondragon says:

Left but both fab

Account820 says:

I like the right, but I’m a little booty-biased

Msr_Duc says:

Never thought I’d say I like the ass shot better than the pussy shot

King_Cain says:

The right, cause while all of you great, the booty just makes it for me

-kashmir- says:

To the right. Im a sucker for an amazing ass

thiscreepyoldguy says:


Justalilpeek says:

Left hands down!!

MarcusRamius says:

Left, the flow of your breasts, towards your tummy, down to your pussy is just fabulous.

Southern_BHM says:

Dat ass. Holy hell.

soccerguy712712 says:


armartinez72 says:


Trohon says:

Ass man here so right. Holy shit

BrooksBrother777 says:


Partyeast198 says:

Right is better hot hot hot

flyasalt says:

The right. Has everything in it including your fabulous ass.

AllHailSundin says:


BTP88 says:


Olithecutie says:

Right! But eitherr way i can still jack off if you only posted the left one 😂

TyrannoSex says:

“One… *flip flip flip* …or two?”

…can I see one again?

Mr_Nicebutt says:

Right, because of nice butt

muffler11282 says:

I love both but that ass is on fire

live_fitness says:

That ass!

Duckman4u2 says:

The right, you are beautiful in both but that is a sweat ass!

TheEdge1982 says:

The right for sure

Kaljy says:

Right side but body be rocking me back and forth.

RogerMacks says:

Both views are awesome, but I especially love the ass view!

DenverBoy528 says:

That elbow is hot af.

DannySantos1150 says:

I vote Left.

AndTheCrowd says:

Right, cause it has plenty of hair, boob, and legs but also shows way more of how your ass has *just* the right amount of shapeliness from you being athletic. Underappreciated, tbh!

Throwaway03543211111 says:

I like #1 but from any angle, you’re a ton of fun

eat_your_young says:


ThRoWaWaYfOrKiK64 says:

Don’t make me chooooose! The left makes you look slender and sexy, but the view of your ass on the right…tough call

girlsruin says:

Both. Can we get a bent?

dethmetaldan says:


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