Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, what a truly incredible trainwreck. Rian Johnson’s complete inability to craft anything even resembling meaningful (or coherent) plotline …




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47 thoughts on “Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Vito says:

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LolsWithLance says:


_あらたさたらかはたは says:

Luke: *throws lightsaber off cliff"
Anakin Force Ghost: Oh no, Obi Wan is gonna kill me

Tomasz Plasota says:

Well deserved thumb down

Jason Kiesling says:

YES YES YES !!! Complete Mary Sue. Insulting too Mary Sue Though. Hey … How much did the Latex Green/Blue milk tit cost? More than JAR JAR? In closing … Fin, Rey, Rose & Holdo, lol. Star Wars IX: Space Women … Why Are They?

coldplay261021 says:

For one, stupid jokes should not even be in a star wars film. Prequels are better, and they have the best lightsaber duels than the last three and these two movies.

Tamlinearthly says:

This video came out almost six months after the movie. Maybe it's time to move on, you think fellas?

CaliCookies Cookie says:

very true

Jerrica Benton says:

that really sucked bringing back old favorite characters and showing them be sad old failures. i'm not even a huge fan of the franchise but that move is garbage. i'm like who's going to care now lol its just leaves you disappointed. whiney emo main character kylo gets so much shit on his own I don't see how it can be a profitable trilogy.

Plen122 says:

Sorry snowflakes, I loved it.

Jerrica Benton says:

I don't see how so many people still watch these movies. fans have been disliking them ever since jar jar binks to mannequin anakin to mary sue rey.

Flatulence The Unending says:

Feel like these problems would be solved if it was all under one trusted director

thaik56 says:

That was a fun movie but definitely not a good Star Wars movie. It had no substance, I would have been fine if it was named something else. I'm not a true die hard fan of Star Wars but I can definitely feel the disappointment and frustration real fans have.

Will Camacho says:

Whe have to boycott episode 9

Kosi Kumah says:

I will always read the Thrawn trilogy like it’s the sequel. There’s nothing like it. Proper storyline, excitement, new characters and great action. Period.

Mahesh Walatara says:

The Farce Awakens was even worse.

Cpt. MacMellon says:

since when Hyperspace was a ship entering another dimension ?! Even Han in ANH says that if you do a blind Hyperspace jump you'll go straight into a star or planet and at this point it just a movie and that scene was cool because purple lesbian chick dies and the visuals are cool and about all the other stuff… sigh ju- just watch Cosmonaut's variety hour's review because im tired of pointing out nitpicks that people care too much about… (Im aware that there is a lot of dumb shit but a lot of this video is just nitpicks)

TheBrownMissile says:

God bless george lucas

Mark Clifford says:

I saw the Force Awakens and thought maybe their just gonna try to remake the original series, I saw this movie and I honestly don't know, maybe their trying to waste money?

Gelato556 says:

I haven’t seen any of the new SW movies, but I watched this review because I’m noticing a trend that a ton of films now a days are trying to follow the Marvel MCU trend and be these sewn together abominations of over the top comedy, nostalgia, and huge action sequences. I don’t know a lot about SW but from what I gather that’s what this series is being turned into, kind of like what they did with The Predator, which is disappointing.

LeftHand Monarch says:

I understand, Vito. You don't like Star Wars. You're not a fan— and you're envious. You don't have to run around bashing great movies just because you're jealous of their success, though.

bajholster says:

Finn sure got some quality training during his coma.

corystereo says:

The Last Jedi also pre-emptively killed any excitement around SOLO, which wasn't nearly as terrible and actually had an exciting twist at the end that gave us something to look forward to. Now Disney may shelve continuing that story line because of Solo flopping. I can't decide whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Jan Kanty Janiszewski says:

so true

Pill Box says:

Luke should have raped Rey.

Maciej Cholewiński says:

It's because you're older than when you first watched Star Wars 🙁

Ghost Hawk says:

I loved this movie.

Smizoke Mizark says:

im mad because he's black

TomDenney Art says:

Great Points!!!!

Drizzyr Auvryar says:

I HATE the stupid fucking marvel jokes.

CharlieFerret says:

You know what would fix the Snoke throne room fight? If they gotten a Hong Kong stunt team. They don't mess around lol.

pearlsnaredrummer77 says:

Ruin Johnson and his terrible film are an abomination. The only “Star Wars” film that I did not buy and will not. It is trash.

L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright says:
apollo11bb says:

Every single one of those "GOTCHA" moments in the movie was a deeper dive into a barrel of shit.

Hal Eldridge says:

It's just a movie douche bag, give it a rest. This is your attempt to get recognition from something since you have no talent. But guess what? Your talentless and you suck so who cares. You probably have no idea how I know that you never served but that's ok as long as you go in a corner somewhere and be quiet. If you decide to talk then it will be really sad listening to you embarrass yourself

Hal Eldridge says:

You also tried to use real world scientific arguments about hyper space. You are freakin dumb as hell

Hal Eldridge says:

You never served

BackDrop says:

I have always loved Jurassic Park, always liked it so much more over Star Wars. But then I saw Empire, and fell in love with Star Wars, buying all the LEGO sets and the movies. So, when 2015 rolls around, my two favourite franchises are coming back (In the forms of 'Jurassic World' and TFA), I obviously go mental and can't wait for either. Jurassic World rolls around, and I really enjoyed it, it showed a new take on the original idea, left politics out of it almost entirely, and was all around an enjoyable film. Not a very good film, but an enjoyable and fun film, that felt fresh, so I saw it 3 times in Cinemas. Then December comes along and TFA is released. That film was the first time I ever felt disapointed leaving a film. I felt as if I saw A New Hope and Return of the Jedi again. Unlike Jurassic World, TFA didn't bring much new to the table, but instead completely screws up the timeline (I mean, how the fuck did the "First Order" come around? The rebels won! You dumped the entire point of the first 3 films made down the shitter. Why?). You see, Jurassic World said "Hey, this time, the park is open, and successful, and the villain isn't just an animal, but a GM monster, made for military purposes. What if we take the ideas that the Raptors were intelligent from the original films and expand on it?", whereas the Force Awakens said "Let's do everything already done in a New Hope, but the Death Star is BIGGER!". The Force Awakens fucked up Star Wars for me. I saw Rogue One (and found it to be ok, thought it had a good ending) and Solo (big waste of time). I have never seen The Last Jedi, and never will, because watching the rebooted series detracts from the originals. I'd rather watch the prequels on repeat than watch TFA again. But damn, what a mess they turned such a good, solid franchise into…

The One and Only says:

Star Wars: The last (time I liked Star Wars)

Aaron C says:

Great video. Could have listened to you put this to shit for another hour and you still wouldn't have gotten through half the things that were wrong with it

Aaron C says:

Whenever people ask me why I hate the Last Jedi I always tell them that both them and me will not have enough time for me to explain just how terribly fucking awful that this shite is.

In short, scene for scene, in chronological order I can pick apart this film for every decision made. Last Jedi killed Star Wars for me. Rian Johnson knows nothing of the franchise and decimated what this franchise means to me

Luis Mayer Jr says:

What drove Luke into the spiteful, bitter hermit that he is in TLJ? 8:10 – you'll see the answer..

Terri Kelton says:

Dude please write the the next movie???? This movie was a big disappointment. I will wait for for 9. Done going to see at t he movies.

RealityAndTruth WAKEUP Call says:

Ok, who are the 20k non denominator cretins who thumbed down this video ?

k kurova says:

How does Rian Johnson sleep at night?

Luis Corrales says:

Rose sucksss so much azzzzzz! What a shty character!

HairBeard says:

and double gotcha:D

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