Windows 7 vs. Windows 10

Windows 7 vs. Windows 10

Frame Rate Comparison in “Video Games” between Win 7 and Win 10. Windows power options: High Performance. Nvidia power management mode: Prefer …





23 thoughts on “Windows 7 vs. Windows 10

wolfgang says:

Hi there,
Guys, if you can it share for friends, that would be awesome,
this will help us in future, when new "Graphics Cards" will be released…
About the test:
To be honest, i dint expect that,
GPU load is a little bit better with Win 7, but games runs more stable at Win 10.
Aditional settings:
Windows power options: High Performance.
Nvidia power management mode: Prefer Maximum Performance.

Tony Cezar Goularte says:

OMG! Windows 10 is way better! Look at the RAM and VRAM usage.

Clearly Not A Doge Main says:

W10 more stability but more resource hungry
W7 less stability, less resource usage.

Luan Santos says:

Only basic optimization and Windows 10 outperforms frames per second by disabling background apps, automatic updates, synchronization, Cortana etc.

Tamás Zahorecz says:

win 10 game mode on or off?

SpaceCows says:

I don't see the differnce, can you even get AC Odesy on windows7

Chernobyl Z says:

Not big a big difference tbh.

Master Robotnik says:



trisa enterprise says:

try window 8 pro

Kondokort says:

Та вони майже нічим не відрізняються. Тільки ціна і інтерфейс. А ще на 10 віндоус більше піраток. А 7 віндоус (остання версія 2011) можна спокійно десь дістати за 200-400грн або навіть безплатно. А особливо якщо у тебе старий процесор (2008-2012 року).

John Razor says:

Big thanks dude. I'll be delete win 7 and installed win 10 after this video. I thought win 7 eat less ram than win 10 but mistaken.

Omar Mohamed says:

nice video but I wish You have turned DX12 in SHADOW of the tomb raider

Wajahat Khan says:

We don't see, any difference..

Edmundo Dante says:


Abyssal Gaming says:

How about WiNdOwS 8 ?

Zahin Hasan says:

how did you got that thing on your display? What is that called?

Fridolin Fickwicht says:

If you have a valid Windows 7 key you still can upgrade for free with the microsoft tool. Did it yesterday (01/17/2019).

Dremmer says:

1 Fps De Diferencia

toothless toe says:

This is pointless. Everybody knows the human testicle can only transmit 52 fps of RAM.

cesar patiño says:

It should be noted that it is windows 7 (normal) vs a windows 10 modified for gammers

Kerem Topuz says:

win 95 vs win 10?

The Wise Wolf says:

Humans can only see 8gb of ram

Vibhor Kumar says:

I had windows 7 Ultimate original but now I use windows 10 pirated
Honestly Windows 7 Ultimate was the best

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