Yoda’s Species Explained –

Yoda’s Species Explained –

Everything we know about the mysterious Yoda species explained as well as a mind blowing there suggesting Yoda is not a species at all but a force entity!


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35 thoughts on “Yoda’s Species Explained –

Seth VDB says:

yoda's lightsaber

Jared Roundy says:

I have always admired Luke Skywalker's green lightsaber from the Return of the Jedi. That would be awesome, thanks.

Grenherb says:

why not just use ancestry.com?

Coltin Brews says:

Obi-Wan's from Revenge of the Sith!!!

skwigz21 says:

I like think think of it as like the Pine Barrens episode of The Sopranos, every one wants to know what happened to the Russian and the creators are just like, Who cares? we don't have to have closure on every single thing. I like the mystery about Yoda and his homeworld, and species, etc. Vader's red saber is my fav.

Bdeamo N says:

once i heard somewhere that yoda speaks the way he does because he heard and said every phrase and cliche so many times over his long life, he got board eventually and decided to mix things up. probably not true, but i kind of like it. also, i like count dooku's lightsaber, it has class, sophistication, and individuality

K says:

I think when intelligent life was still young in the force Yoda's species was wild yet extremely force sensitive.in being so sensitive,it is by the force itself that they evolved so quickly,and in tune with nature.why they weren't exactly primitive,but still didn't heavily rely on tech-more so inclined to explore the depths/live in accordance to the force. would love a count dookoo saber with a purple blade.

Kristopher Ransom says:

Mace Windu's lightsaber is the best one!

Freebobbyshmurda says:

Darth Vader’s iconic saber

Erick Torres says:

I wonder how is the homeworld of yoda, I mean maybe they are all force sensitive but towards to the light

My favorite lightsaber is from Darth Nihilus Lightsaber

Brooke Palmieri says:

That's a hard question to have one favourite lightsaber. I would have said Luke's first one but the more I think about it I really like mace windu lightsaber. only two characters I believe have a purple lightsaber him and mara jade. I'm not sure if I'm right but people that have this lightsaber use both light and dark side techniques.

Froge says:

Any lightsaber

kasterborous says:

Yoda is a Mü-p’et from the planet Djēm’henzens-Kkrē’cha-Shöp’h.

Stone says:

Mace windu

Aaron Mackey says:

Favorite Saber = Luke's ROTJ saber

Deon Jones says:

Asoka Tano from clone wars

Brian Hensley says:

I think a they are the either the children of Kermit and miss piggy or some really old guacamole that developed sentience.

gettofab G. says:

lukes blue one ben gave him

T. Katt says:

Gungi's saber with wooden grip… It might be made for (and by) a Wookiee but I think I can handle it.

David Maher says:

So the name of Yoda's species is Yoda's species?

Hilary Fox says:

You give me the lightsaber

Michael D Voyles says:

My favorite light saber is Darth Vaders. It's bigger than the tradtional ones. It's the color of blood that DOESNT come out because the wounds are instantly sealed. Yes he's the bad guy but I'm the farm boy with blond hair every day of my life. Of course I wanna be vader

Justin Barr says:

Anakins lightsaber is my favorite due to the fact it's survived alot of battles

e s says:

ultimately saved? not in most my KoToR play throughs.

Lord Bule says:

Awsome video, love the ideas. Best saber of all time Master Luke’s Green saber.

Looking forward to future videos!


Rob Lowery says:

Do yourself and all of us a favor and listen to your voice before you post another video. You stretch out the end of every other word.

Michael Burgess says:

Kylo ren’s saber


Enjoyed the video



TheCajunIndian says:

Mace Windu lightsaber I love the purple blade.

Ohlooka bedrat says:

Anakin/ Luke

ComradeDoggo 1 says:

He’s a big frog 😀

jason smith says:

Lukes green saber is my favorite so far!

Grappolidipalma says:

The "Yoda face" in the thumbnail IS CREEPY!

Jeri Forge says:

Just think when people try to make theories they are continuing the thought of the star wars .if you answer it people may think of it for a while but Will lose interest because they know the truth.also maybe he still has not figured out Yoda's lore fully yet.

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