youngdefiant – Avengers Infinity War Sucks Review – Worst Marvel Movie Ever – Boring & Predictable

youngdefiant – Avengers Infinity War Sucks Review – Worst Marvel Movie Ever – Boring & Predictable

youngdefiant thinks Avengers Infinity War Sucks. Why Avengers Infinity War Sucks. Marvel Sucks, DC Is Better Than Marvel in every way. My avengers infinity war review is the best one you will find on the internet. ! Marvel Fans are by far some of the biggest idiots on the planet. Avengers Infinity War is boring, predictable, and overall, a waste of time. If you think this movie is good, you’re an idiot, and your comment will be removed.




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25 thoughts on “youngdefiant – Avengers Infinity War Sucks Review – Worst Marvel Movie Ever – Boring & Predictable

Batman_94 says:

agree 100%, one of the worst movies period from a struggling company

Recardo Lugg says:

A list troll👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

John Mayhem says:

I thought character wise it was terrible. Spiderman learns that he shouldn't have to be an avenger and it's better to do the little things. Next movie he becomes an avenger. Iron Man signs accords that restrict super heroes rights to choose what problems to solve and then he goes to space without permission. And many more.

Mike from CT says:

Movie was the most boring avengers movie ever

Royal Rutter says:

People like this guy make me feel better about myself

No U says:

He’s right about one thing, the Marvel characters were irrelevant before the movies came to play.

gregg perea says:

“No one knew who Spider-Man was before these movies” WTF?!?

Alpha Savage8 says:

Captain marvel is the strongest avenger she can easily destroy everyone

Eachal Rivera says:

You’re a retard

Ancient Sumerian says:

I pirated this movie on this app called show box, and it still put me to sleep on 3 separate occasions. Needless to say, I had to force my self to stay up to the end, and it was the most drawn out, cliche ending I've seen in awhile.

ML daBOSSS says:

I have a super power, I have the ability to know who read the description or not.

Doobie Kyo village says:

I can't believe it's actually people who think this movie is trash this man said * bad graphics* stop the madness

Mike Mc says:


Keldrick Jackson says:

Wow this guyis hilarious.

Brett Kramer says:

I guess people who read the comics register as high level thinkers

Alfredo vega says:

Spot on

Joel says:

Everyone hating on this guy bc he told the truth about marvel you're the casual he mentions in the beginning the movie was too damn boring

Johnny Mabe says:

It cost this much to make infinity war $495.2 million

Johnny Mabe says:

Why are they bad characters

Johnny Mabe says:

If you hate marvel so much why not just don't see the movie

Johnny Mabe says:

why is thanos such a bad villan why is the movie even bad

Johnny Mabe says:

Spiderman was popular since the amazing fantasy you jackass and people did know who marvel was

Ender Sage says:

This is too good to be true.




Lifedestoryer says:

I am gonna rage because does no one know this is a troll, he gave so much hints and the biggest one is saying “game”

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